Hire Erica to Speak at your organization on any of these following topics:

Effective Teamwork Under Pressure

Leaders and team members will learn simple neuroscience-based techniques they can use to stay centered, focused during high-stakes situations. Participants will leave with the tools they need to reduce burn out, turf wars and power grabs in the work place and increase resiliency, communication and listening.

How to Handle Risky Conversations and Increase Truth Telling

Having a team that knows how to handle the tough conversations can protect your company from productivity loss and lawsuits. Whether it is pointing out a fatal flaw in a big project, setting limits with an unrealistically demanding client or dealing with issues such as sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, tricky conversations are part of professional life.

Unfortunately, few people have the training or tools needed to handle these conversations well. Don’t put your organization at risk legally or financially by encouraging a culture of silence and avoidance. Instead, give your people the tools they need to have the tough conversations, effectively and respectfully. This presentation will guide participants through a 5-step system of knowing when to speak up, preparing themselves personally to speak up, crafting their message, having the conversation and following up on the conversation.

They will be given tools for assessment and communication specific to each step in the process.

Unleashing High Potential:
Moving Team Members from Disengaged to Rockstar Professionals

Having a highly talented, well-trained team does not help your organization if those people are not also emotionally and personally engaged in your mission. Help your teams go from “just going through the motions” to being actively engaged and excited about the work by tapping into the roots of human motivation. This presentation will walk you through 6 key factors that determine high-engagement and give you practical tools that individuals and leaders can use to tap into Rockstar motivation.


“Erica brings engaging energy, compassion and excellent instructional skills and presents difficult material in an easy to follow manner. Mrs. Bonham’s expertise on is evident. Our group left energized, well prepared, with tangible tools to implement in our work with a wide range of clientele, and felt as though her presentation style was the best we have experienced in a very long time. Mrs. Bonham was easily accessible before and after the events. I would not hesitate to bring her back for future engagements in our community and would highly recommend her services to others.”

– Madeleine McConnell, MS, LPC, NCC, CAADC

“Erica is an excellent public speaker. Erica conveys information in a clear, concise and informative manner. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

– Donna Reed-Appold, LPC