A.V.O.S. Counseling is dedicated to the values of connection, integrity, compassion, authenticity and joy. Our name reflects these values in various ways.

1. Our name is an acronym.

A.V.O.S. stands for Authentic, Vibrant, Open-hearted Self. We work to establish an empathic and supportive environment that also challenges you to grow and move through pain and towards healing.

2. “Avo” is also defined in the urban dictionary as “a badass person that can roam the wild with no bounds.”

We believe growth is a life-long process and believe that every person has an inner badass.  Our definition of being a badass is creating a balance between kindness and firmness, accountability and boundaries, compassion and empowerment.

3. A “vos” means VOICE in Spanish. Finding one’s voice is so important in our healing process.

We must be able to speak our truth if we are going to create the lives we want.

4. “Avo” is also a Portuguese word for “a fractional part.”

Many of our clients have survived adverse childhood experiences.  These can be the slow drips of childhood struggle that we all go through or traumatic events. The continuum of these experiences can often create feelings of being fragmented and having different parts of ourselves in conflict with one another.  We work towards bringing these parts to be more in alignment with one another and more integrated into your AUTHENTIC VIBRANT OPEN-HEARTED SELF!

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