All clinicians at AVOS offer a free 25-minute consultation.  Although this can be done over the phone, we find that meeting in person is a better way to see if we are a good fit. We always save the full 50 minutes and if you find you are working well with your therapist, you can continue at half the session rate.

Kim’s Specialties and fees

Kim specializes in working with adolescents and adults with art therapy and mindfulness approaches in a down-to-earth style that can help guide your process towards health and vibrancy. Kim’s fees:

Individual Session (50 min)                                                              $85

Individual Session (80 min)                                                              $127

Kristen’s specialties and fees:

Kristen specializes in working with adult individuals in life transitions and those that have experiences adverse childhood experiences and want to have a space to process them and truly be able to leave them in the past. Kristen is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her fees are as follows:

Individual Session (50 min)                                                               $120

Individual Session (80min)                                                                $180

EMDR Intensives:                                                                  $500/half day
$100/full day

Erica’s fees:

Erica specializes in working with adult individuals ages 16-60. Her ideal clients are those that have had difficult experiences in their past that may be getting in the way of their relationships or well-being in the present. She is also honored to serve the beautiful LGBTQ community and their allies.

Below is a breakdown of ERICA’s session fees.

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Individual Session (50 min)

Individual Session (80min) $225
Clinical Supervision (60 min) $150
Intensive EMDR sessions (6-7 hours) $1225/day M-Th

$1500/day Fr, Sa, Su