Kim is our newest extern who is actively growing as a clinician, sharing her strong therapeutic skills with others in our community. Currently she is an unlicensed therapist, actively accumulating hours as a candidate for licensure in the state of Colorado. She holds extensive training in art therapy, Qigong, mindfulness and Native American meditation practices which promote communication, self-discovery, trauma-informed coping mechanisms and healthy lifestyle skills — in the context of a sincere, professional relationship.

Kim’s long-term goal is to provide proven, non-invasive, therapeutic services for children, young adults and adults who struggle with mental health conditions such as stress-related illness, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and trauma. During Kim’s three-year training in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s degree program at Naropa University, she had the honor to work as a grief and bereavement counselor with Hospice; to lead art therapy groups for persons with aphasia at the Naropa Community Art Center and most influentially, to act as both an individual and group counselor for children, adolescents and their parents at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The intrinsic nature of the hospital setting brought with it a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions ranging from eating disorders, personality disorders, depression and anxiety, to learning disabilities, medical diagnosis and injury, suicide risk, self-harm and severe trauma. All of which affected not just the children but their families as well. These experiences have helped to sharpen Kim’s awareness and to deepen her understanding of effective mental health counseling – and to the growing need for support and advocacy. For Kim, it is an honor to be invited into the lives of individuals during stressful times. She employs a discerning sensitivity to the signs and symptoms of extreme stress on the body and mind as well as how to reduce their ill effects. Her practice provides a strong internal empathy, a calm presence and profound patience for individuals in transition – which she learned first-hand is essential in establishing honest communication, connection and healing.
It is through this diverse experience that she has cultivated the skill-set to provide a supportive and guiding role to encourage significant mental, emotional and social wellness in times of transition, crisis, adversity and stress. Kim recently received a scholarship for Qigong teacher training and spends much of her free time continuing to deepen her practice. She also enjoys practicing (via FaceTime) with her father who lives in Buffalo, NY, where she grew up! Kim also enjoys gardening, exploring art materials, hiking with friends, visiting Colorado mountain towns and most of all, hot springs! She is known for her love of complementary medicines and is often connecting with other practitioners, self-healers and artists.

Holding the values of respect, integrity, trust, commitment and playfulness during the healing process, Kim welcomes all individuals to experience what it can feel like to be seen, heard and changed by creative selfawareness, relational understanding and direct connection to your badass self!