Farrin Foss

Farrin Foss is currently a graduate student at Adams State University studying clinical mental health counseling. Farrin is genuine, caring, honest, and curious. She views the therapeutic  relationship as an agent of change recognizing the power of presence, empathy, creativity, laughter, and the therapeutic alliance. Farrin is passionate about holding space for others to tell their truth, exploring their experiences, feelings, and worldviews in a safe, supportive, authentic environment. 

Farrin earned her undergraduate degree in Community Psychology in 2009 and has since worked across varying populations from children to adults both domestically and abroad for the past 12 years. Farrin grew up in Minnesota, but has always been insatiably curious about people and places. She has served in AmeriCorps in Massachusetts and Washington State, supporting young people in their own transitions by providing supportive mentoring relationships and after school programs for kids and teens. Farrin has also taught English abroad in Busan, South Korea and lived and worked in New Zealand where she guided many young adults in career exploration and education. 

Farrin is dedicated to approaching the therapeutic relationship with curiosity, creativity, exploration, humor, and an open heart. She recognizes that there are many winding paths to self actualization and believes that we are all capable of cultivating deeper loving kindness for both ourselves and others. Ultimately, Farrin feels, deep within her cells, that we are all intrinsically connected beings, and like plants and animals, we have an innate drive to grow. Through meaningful therapeutic relationships, she believes that we can cultivate greater self awareness, understanding, and empathy. With this, therapy can be a catalyst for change and we can transform ourselves and our lives, living more authentically and wholeheartedly together. 

Farrin has strong interests in seeking further education and certifications in EMDR, DBT, Mindfulness based CBT, Narrative and Expressive Arts Therapy, as well as Animal Assisted Therapy. She has worked across varied populations, from children to young adults, often in school settings. Farrin is passionate about empowering and supporting diverse populations through a multicultural lens, utilizing creativity as well as a person-centered and systems approach to be culturally adaptive and explore possibilities for growth. 

Lastly, in her free time, Farrin enjoys any form of movement, particularly swimming, yoga, and dancing, watching feel good comedies, discovering new food and music, and long walks with canine companions as she is always humbled by the power of the human animal bond.

Farrin is delighted to be a part of the A.V.O.S. team and looks forward to supporting you through times of transition with compassion, creativity, curiosity, and humor.

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