Surviving…no Thriving During the Holidays

The holidays bring about many emotions for us all, sometimes, there’s joy and gratitude but for some, it can be a traumatic time of the year, filled with grief and turmoil. Whether you’re planning to spend the holidays alone or with family members or friends in less desirable hometowns or vacations to Cabo – coping skills might be necessary to implement how you deal with whatever may be coming up.  Regardless of your situation, here are some resources that you can access from your smartphone or device.

Setting Boundaries

Mindfulness and meditation

These are dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. Headspace and Calm both have free trials, but they do expire. As the season for holidays is long and usually breaks our wallets – I included the free mindfulness website that has resources at the low, low price of on the house.


1. Headspace app

2. Calm App


1. Square breathing

2. The butterfly hug 

3.  Tips for surviving holiday stress 

4. Live feeds of animals, zenscapes, and peaceful scenery  

Interactive sites

3. 60 second meditation tool 

4. Create beautiful soothing art with your mouse! 

5.  Create sand art from your computer mouse

6. Play the piano (by yourself or with others!)

7. Create music on a soundboard 

8. Light particles that follow your mouse 

9. Wavy light particles that follow your mouse 

10. This one is simple – do nothing for 2 minutes. If you move your mouse, it starts over. 

11. A giant breathwork graphic, inhale/exhale with the rhythm of the circle

12. Sound machine generator with tons of options – rainstorms with additional weather systems, like wind, thunder, or plain rain! 

13. Create beautiful patterns through this symmetry experience.

Support lines and online groups


Online support groups that you can join – Prices are not set; it’s a “contribute if you can.” 


Online “dinner party” that you can join – formulated for community support, you can get matched with a buddy or join a table. It’s an online dinner party experience surrounded by topics of grief, loss, and mental health. 

16.  Crisis Text Line: External link:open_in_new send “MHA” to 741741 to access Mental Health America’s 24/7 free text line and connect with trained crisis counselors.

17.  HERO Warm Line for First RespondersExternal link:open_in_new: dial 844-833-4376 from 8 a.m. to midnight ET daily to speak with fellow first responders who are trained to offer peer support and an empathetic ear.

18.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:External link:open_in_new dial 800-273-8255 anytime to receive free and confidential support or prevention and crisis resources.

19.  Project Return Peer Support Network:External link:open_in_new dial 888-448-9777 for English or 800-448-4055 for Spanish, 5 p.m.-10 p.m. PT Monday-Friday and 11 a.m.-4 p.m. PT Saturday, to connect with this warm line for people who are coping with mental health concerns and who need a peer to talk to while traditional services are closed.

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